About Keno

Traditionally, Keno game is played with a player randomly picks between 1 and 10 numbers from the numbers 01 to 80. A keno system randomly draws 20 numbers from 01 to 80 as the result of which any payouts, calculated by a computerised keno system, will be determined based on the number of hits from the numbers drawn against the numbers picked by player.

Keno results are based on the combination of the 20 numbers drawn from official result of country such as Chinese (Beijing), Slovakian, Canadian, Western Canadian, Malta and Australian Keno.

Keno offers various bet types such as big/small/total810, odd/even, odds/evens/tie, big/small & odd/even parlay, up/down/tie, five elements, and pearl ball. We offer a variety of play methods with competitive odds. We strive to provide new and exciting experiences for our valuable members.